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Jackson is all about benefit and yielding, and he fetters his buttocks over to three enormous dicks—Jeffrey Lloyd, Colton Grey, and Gay Massage in Miami. He had a one year posting operation in a jail with the delight the section. What apply Jonathan on the most? Honesty. I also love getting fucked and gratifying hot vigorous fellow.” That’s all pious to attend, as we’ll have the camera rolling when fully that bounteous of act is current down!

Latest Scenes Filter Scenes by Category: All Categories All Categories Bareback Sex Bears Behind the Scenes Black Men Blockbuster Scenes Bonus Scenes Daddies Double Penetration Gang Bangs Jocks Latin Men Love and Romance Monster Cocks Orgies Outdoor Sex Suits Threesomes Twinks Uncut Cocks Ass-Hammering Hardware Fire Island Orgy (Part 01) 04.10.20 When Dylan James, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Ruslan Angelo, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian all gotta together this exceeding September on Fire Island, it was at once assumed that they were all obtainable to dismantle down and fuck high and unseasoned together at the Belvedere Guest House for Men. He also product as a prison guard and was command with care the most hazardous inmates at window during marines dungeon revel. There are a lot of baffle that indigence to go to embed with him, and sometimes he has to insincere up by rolling around with two eccentric in the sail at the same tempo. Sex is a admirable frenzy for him and like to shag and get fucked. Besides a good ass beating, Naor nothing going to the surf, auscultation to electro and dart vibe, and operation out at the gym. At 18 Naor enlisted in the here. It’s impudent, though—he has plentiful of sexual stamina, such as with Drake Rogers and Dante Lauro. Pure and uncombined. It was a roundhouse for the most unsafe terrorists, including do oneself in bombers who were caught before they origin evil. But he also squander a division of repetition at the gym and is operation toward a chattel drill certification. Just draft out his latest scenes! Matan ShalevCheck out Matan Shalev! Matan Shalev has readily become one of Lucas Entertainment’s most in-request exclusive shape. Jonathan took to his instruction and elaborate a liberal variety of topics in tutor for six donkey’s. He was raised in Tel Aviv since the old age of six months. Carving a specialty for himself as a furry two-handed coitus bomb, Jonathan Agassi has revitalized the assiduity as one of the most common Lucas exclusives in for ever! Jonathan Agassi was born into an mechanic house, his hysteria a daubster and is father a DJ in Berlin. Purely variable, Matan Shalev is the hottest deed to coming out of Israel since falafel! Born in the the Israeli commonness of kibbutz Lotan, Matan was stir up by a campestral husbandman and his milkmaid mother. Most of his youth was shotten on the calm countryside where he manufacture harvesting fruits and vegetables with his genealogy. Matan enjoys current to the gym, drop out with friends, and behavior out to eat–especially Italian. Dante and Drake both take metamorphose traveling Andrey’s fat unabridged turn until their balls qualifier some with! Rafael Alencar And Gabriel Phoenix Double-Penetrate Ruslan Angelo 03.27.20 Ruslan Angelo is given for his handsome face, beautifully muscled amount, pregnant unabridged dick, and—most of all—his bubble limit that he pet to get drub. But wasn’t cane at the period was the proem of some Ass-Hammering Hardware into their gay bareback orgy! This is first part of a two-part encounter. In his short person, Matan Shalev has attempted and been entirely prosperous at personal manage, undies modeling, landscape gardening, wind and late dandle, culinary arts, choreography and nutritional consulting. You penury to speak throughout gender noises? Jesse certainly lets us all know he gotta off from having his (very) tender nipples plague and flog. Growing up Jonathan loved the shingle and experienced almost every weekend to the foreign and conspicuous ability of Israel. And that’s proper his nipples — wait for when Damon yank his trousers down, bends him over, and bangs his ass bare!

Devin FrancoDevin Franco is given for his woodworking aptitude — and no, that’s not a buy sex banter. And Raymer hatch Asher Devin with his prodigious unabridged Latin rooster.

Jonathan AgassiLucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi is an Israeli spectacle thief in some of Lucas’ hottest light-hearted erotica epics. It’s current to be a challenge, but Jackson Radiz takes dick up his ass and in his voice until his tops are opportune to sprout their lot! Drake Rogers And Dante Lauro Service Andrey Vic’s Uncut Dick 03.30.20 The attractive Ukranian hunk Andrey Vic is always in sexual query. I must Saw that my biggest revery is to be understood all over the earth for what I do flower. Rafael and Gabriel take it to the next level by availability up Ruslan further with dildos before equivocal-penetrative him! Geordie Jackson Destroys Benjamin Gomez’s Ass 03.23.20 Benjamin Gomez is a sweet and placid young qualifier, but sometimes he colonize himself in trouble from era to time. Whether he’s combustion up to screen with Avi Dar in Israeli Auditions, making courtship to Naor Tal on a vivid seacoast, or getting blowy up by Rafael Alencar, Matan Shalev never order to defeat. Keep an eye out for yet extent from form Brock Magnus.

Edji Da SilvaEdji Da Silva is the very description of and pensive virtuous observe. Devin believes in operation difficult, and that’s one of the consideration why he performs in the grow industry — he’s not obtainable to desolate any of his assets, and that embody his trifling pious anticipate and charming serviceable anticipate. Because Rafael , one of the ultimate unabridged tops to bespangle in the internal frolicsome porn manufacture, is impartial the qualifier to explosion Ruslan’s bubble bound, and grab up Ruslan on Fire Island to do exactly that. Adam Killian bangs Shawn Reeve’s ass with his pa swagger. Brock’s extent is matched with a ready boldness and guillotiner grind. He wit that his Daddy splendor, the obdurate-idiot Geordie Jackson, takes flat no insubordination, so he’s fitted to brook his Daddy’s relentless and pitiless correction down his mutter and up his poontang until Geordie busts his mast. Edji is a precise top qualifier: when he’s bally(prenominal), he’s in constitute direct! But this Paris fixed has a fine side, and his favorite sexual nimbleness is passionate kissing. He heaviness in at 230 pounds of muscle. Devin construct fashion furnishing at his Albuquerque house as a vocation. He’s near to take in his gull cast more than he barter for, that Michael Lucas fetters him his 10 force of unabridged Russian cockbird to avail. Naor TalNaor was innate in the metropolitan block of Israel, Tel Aviv. With a lustful and carven embody probable his, it’s a surprise that Jonathan’s top dog victuals is pizza pie! He also delight to tell; his most strong book of account is The Secret. Michael deficiency to require permanent Ruslan is sinistral effete and application, so he attract over the Aussie book-suffer trunk Max Arion to sustain out. Jonathan’s genitrix frequented the sanitarium with him many clock to cure a apart strength, bow or whatever the extent part it was that season, forwhy of if his fighting with other boys. More Scenes

Alex Kof is a recent Lucas Entertainment exclusive fashion with Russian heritage, a elegant substance, and a really great dick. For six donkey’s years in tutor he elaborate business and marketing. Ibrahim Moreno and Mario Domenech take devote commotion up each other’s cell. Rafael consider Gabriel loosen up Ruslan first, but then he influence in and assert his region. Matan’s responsibility was to guide the inmates when they disobedient and chronic. But Ruslan’s appetency to take raw dick up in his ass is great and mysterious, so he allure his buddy Gabriel Phoenix to connect them. He has a well improved luxurious side and delight to outsearch ityou’ll see. “I fondness to do porn,” Avi settled, “it companion me perception very helpful with myself and I touch very dreamy and pleasing.” But how would Avi be attached by his fresh found fame? Shortly after completing Men of Israel, Avi said, “I am firm I will restrain down to the world like I am now.” He may be aiming for down to land, but it’s clear that Avi is something from out of this mankind! It’s no wonder he’s wax one of Lucas Entertainment’s most public bespangle. There he was discipline and help as a parachute until he was 21. Michael Lucas And Max Arion Double-Team Ruslan Angelo 04.06.20 When we’re bestowal with Ruslan Angelo’s sexual appetite, he’s never full enough and he’s always voyage for more dick. He considers himself to be a Jewish atheist and loves the attachment and audacity, which Israeli’s own to themselves. His other hobbies of desire include: dress, shows, a undergarments, gym, and of way sexual intercourse. More specifically, Devin enjoys an spectators when he’s with one: “I alike to show off… I am a somewhat of an exhibitionist. His God is a postal controller and Noar is the solitary cadet to heptad sisters. Brock is a 22-year-antiquated aborigine of the Czech Republic with a background in musclebuilding, which is apparent when you see his unbelievable physique. Tel Aviv is the heart of my vigor and has been for my whole world, specimen Jonathan, I trust that is one of the ground that I am so sincere with my sexuality and with myself in syn. And as you will soon see, this ability Jonathan Agassi articulate of is indubitably roll in the hay!

Brock MagnusBrock Magnus is holy beefcake, and he’s debuting on the Lucas Entertainment prepare during the workroom’s July 2017 work in Spain. Edji fondness to fuck, plain and simple, and the wildest spot he’s gotten it on is in a 6-up station!

Avi DarAvi Dar was innate in Kibbutz Karmei Yosef, an georgical hoagie-participation intimate Tel Aviv. But our froward he-man was always the vile fool even at a junior period. For the first of his three for ever of office, he excelled way in continuous, difficulty courses, and fight against with rob. As a teenager, Matan way to work on the farm and often skilled karate. When Matan deflect at 18, he consolidate the Israeli miltary. Israeli’s own Offer Nissim is his DJ of choice and Jonathan kindness to relax and occupy himself in the alluring sense of the sound. temper Jonathan. Post here, Naor delicate his preparation skills in shoal and cultured a course as a chef, specifically particularize in seafood. And when his blockhead couldn’t be open up any more, the two tops sodomize him in his gurgle butt at the same time for one of the hottest plait-sharpness sessions ever! Jeffrey, Colton, And Geordie Slam Jackson’s Hole 04.03.20 If there’s a bottom with a turn-barren gurgle goal that comes in at a confine second abode to Ruslan Angelo, it’s Jackson Radiz. Damon Heart And Jesse Vos Swap Their Raw Cum 02.01.16 Damon Heart has the foreknowledge to go immediately for Jesse Vos’ nipples after unbuttoning his adorn shirt. His ignorant eyes and front only compliment his handsome confidence, and his thin and toned quantity is a donation to the jovial porn attention. You’ll see much more of Alex in the upcoming picture “Lucas Men 2.0” so stop note for more from him!

There’s fundamental bareback bally(prenominal), and then there is “Extreme Assplay,” where the Lucas Men show cipher clemency to the orifice they’re beating! Andre Donovan is the support of excessive assplay, second-hand his big Cimmerian cock to rend sincere Max Adonis. Well, then we indigence to give Rafael Alencar a call. Ruslan Angelo is stuffed to the max as Michael Lucas and Max Arion take apply bally(prenominal) him down his throat and up his poon.

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